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Teaching English through the Power of Creating / On being Sensitized to Culture, and Empowered by Education (Text) 

19-06-2021 05:49 AM
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21-06-2021 06:01 PM

   Thank you so much, Rick, for your comment,
and for telling us about Edward Thomas, the wonderful poet whom 
I discovered today, with your help. 

   As for Robert Frost's living in England, for some time, I've known about this; and we discussed this, by the way, with Laura, a month ago.
   However, - and paradoxically! - Frost's poem
The Road Not Taken, which we discussed (the link below : ),

seems to have been devoted to ... Edward Thomas himself ! That IS insight indeed; or you could call it a mystique.
  So, to thank you again, Rick, let me now put just several lines from a poem by Thomas I liked so much:

... No one knew I was going away, 
I thought myself I should come back some day. 

... I'm bound away for ever 
Away somewhere, away for ever


21-06-2021 06:28 AM

Thanks, Lala: that's a very interesting passage from Tobias Woolf. As you say, it has clear links with Dead Poets' Society. I agree teachers of Eng Lit do have a certain mystique about them, but only if they can inspire you with a love for literature: many don't, I'm afraid! Anyway, something clearly clicked for Mr Woolf, even if he never went to 'Kamchatka' (do you know it? It sounds a tough place to visit, even tougher to live there!). Perhaps he tried Brazil instead... By the way there's one thing that Woolf got wrong: he says that Robert Frost lived all his life in New England. That's clearly not true as he spent a year or two living in England, mainly in Gloucestershire, where he stuck up a great friendship with Edward Thomas whom he encouraged to write poetry - which he did and became one of England's greatest poets of the 20th century. Do have a look at his work. Thomas unfortunately joined the army in 1915 and died in France in 2018. A sad loss to poetry, like many other poets and writers who did not survive that war...

Thanks again for your interesting contributions to our knowledge of how teachers have been portrayed in literature: plenty of other insights in this area to follow, Im sure... !

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