SSDIS Webinar: Peers in Inclusive English as An Additional Language Classrooms for Students with Spe

When:  Dec 4, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ID)


Peers in Inclusive English as An Additional Language Classrooms for Students with Special Needs in Social Communication

Peers play pivotal roles in English as an additional language (EAL) classrooms. Interaction with peers in the class might provide scaffolding and an opportunity for EAL students to do self-regulation (e.g., Liao, 2019; Gholami Pasand & Tahriri., 2017). In addition, some previous studies reported that peers might influence the students’ level of willingness to communicate in English in the classrooms (e.g., Eddy-U, 2015; Kang, 2005) and make students perceive the learning process more positively (e.g., Alfares, 2017). Previous research in special education has captured the benefit of peers in creating inclusive classrooms (e.g., Ashbaugh et al., 2017; Siew et al., 2017). However, there is little discussion about how peers might create a more inclusive environment for students with special needs in communication in EAL classrooms, especially in classes aiming to develop students’ communication repertoire. This discussion will cover how existing literature described the role of peers in creating inclusive classrooms for students with special needs. The presenter will also illustrate some samples of interaction episodes involving an autistic student and their neurotypical developing students when doing group works in an inclusive English classroom at a college in Indonesia. The illustration is expected to show audiences how diverse peers might influence the discussions of inclusive group work in EAL classrooms. 

11:00 Bangkok, 11:00 Hanoi, 11:00 Phnom Penh, 12:00 Kuala Lumpur, 12:00 Manla, 13:00 Seoul, 13:00 Tokyo


Afifah Muharikah is a PhD candidate under the School of Humanity, Language, and Social Science at Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, under the Australian Awards Indonesia Scholarship. She is currently investigating the communication of Indonesian autistic college students in an online inclusive English classroom. Before commencing her PhD, she has been teaching English at Politeknik Negeri Jakarta since 2015. She also had some experience teaching English in inclusive classrooms involving students with special needs at secondary school and college levels in Indonesia.