RVIS Webinar: Using Corpus-Based Tools in Vocabulary Instruction

When:  Nov 4, 2022 from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM (ET)


Vocabulary is perhaps the most crucial ingredient in language learning. Corpus-based studies have revealed that second language (L2) learners need to know between 3,000 to 9,000-word families to achieve acceptable comprehension of spoken and written language (e.g., Dang & Webb, 2014; Nation, 2006). Since ESP/EAP learners may not have mastered the first most frequent 2000 words in the Vocabulary Level Test (VLT) (Akbarian, 2010), it is imperative that vocabulary is placed at the forefront of language instruction.

This webinar offers classroom practitioners working with EFL, ESOL/EAP, and IEP emergent bilinguals an overview of several corpus-based tools that can be used for instructional purposes. The goal of this session is to guide instructors in the creation of lesson plans with a focus on academic and content-specific vocabulary. At the end of this webinar, the participants will be acquainted with accessing and using freely available corpus-based tools.


Rebeca Arndt is a Ph.D. graduate in Education, TESOL track, working as a district administrator in Florida, United States. Her research interests are related to the field of corpus linguistics and its intersection with reading comprehension and literacy.


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