SPLIS Webinar: The ‘Good’ Teacher of Listening

When:  Nov 5, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (ET)


This talk will draw on the recent publication, Graham and Santos (2018), which considers the question of what the characteristics of the ‘good’ teacher of listening might be. It then outlines how these issues were explored within a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) model designed to develop teachers’ understanding of listening pedagogy and practice in schools in England. The practical implications of this model for teacher development are examined by discussing the extent to which the CPD altered one case-study teacher’s beliefs about, and practices in, listening instruction. The talk will conclude by considering the implications for teacher development and areas for future research.


jsSnRPXyTpWTK4ACV28R_temp-T.jpgSuzanne Graham is Professor of Language and Education at the Institute of Education, University of Reading. She has led a number of large research projects in the field of second language education, exploring teaching and learning in a range of different contexts. She has published widely in the area of language comprehension, with a particular focus on listening comprehension and self-regulation.