SPLIS Webinar: Perception, Pronunciation, Orthography and High-Variability Phonetic Training in Fore

When:  Jun 23, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)


Perception, Pronunciation, Orthography and High-Variability Phonetic Training in Foreign Language

Every student of a foreign language faces the challenge of learning new sounds. But what does it mean to learn a new sound: perceiving it, pronouncing it, spelling it? What does second language phonology research tell us about these challenges, and what can we do to help students meet them? Where should we focus our energy to help our students best? In this webinar, we will review major currents in research on second language perception, production, and mental representation of sounds as background for a promising type of intervention: High-Variability Phonetic Training (HVPT). We will outline the major factors of HVPT (and its low-variability variant), review some of the promising results of this type of learner training, and highlight the boundaries of what we know. Finally, we will share current and upcoming research on second language orthographic learning, High- and Low-Variability Training, and the relative value of different types of feedback in pronunciation instruction.


John H. G. Scott is an Instructor of German and researcher at the University of Calgary. He has been teaching German as a foreign language for 15 years and earned his Ph.D. in Second Language Studies from Indiana University in 2019 with an emphasis on second language phonology. His research focuses primarily on the perception of target language sounds, with an emphasis on psycholinguistic laboratory methods. By focusing on how to facilitate learner success with foreign language sounds during their earliest stages of exposure, he aims to support student enthusiasm and retention in foreign language programs.

Lisa Süßenbach is a Ph.D. student, researcher, and instructor at the University of Calgary, Canada. Her research focus is on second language acquisition and the teaching of perception and production of foreign language sounds. While she is eager to contribute with her current research on an exemplar theoretical approach to the field of second language pronunciation attainment, she is also a passionate teacher who enjoys working with students. Her first book German Grammar Reviewed and Retold: Germany’s Cultural History from Siegfried to Today is currently in press at Routledge.


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