ITAIS Webinar: Real-World Listening for ITAs and [Not] Lost in Translation

When:  Nov 29, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)


Real-World Listening for ITAs and [Not] Lost in Translation: Practical Suggestions for Thriving in the Classroom as an ITA

The recorded presentations for our upcoming webinar are available on our YouTube channelThis webinar will feature two presentations: "Real-World Listening for ITAs" by Dr. Elvis Wagner and "[Not] Lost in Translation: Practical Suggestions for Thriving in the Classroom as an ITA" by Dr. Tosin Adebayo. The Q&A session will be synchronous via Zoom on Monday, November 29 from 12-1 pm EST. (Please register in advance).


Elvis Wagner is Associate Professor of TESOL at Temple University, where he coordinates the PhD in Applied Linguistics program, and the World Languages Education program. Elvis’s research focuses primarily on second language assessment, especially the assessment of L2 listening ability and oral communicative competence. His primary research focus examines how L2 listeners process and comprehend unscripted, spontaneous spoken language, and how this type of language differs from the scripted spoken texts learners often encounter in the L2 classroom. He is the co-author (with Gary Ockey) of Assessing L2 Listening: Moving Towards Authenticity published in 2018.

Dr. Tosin Adebayo earned her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) in 2020. She also received her M.A. from Western Illinois University and a B.A. in English from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Dr. Adebayo’s research cuts across two distinct intercultural communication contexts: Instructional communication and health communication.In her scholarship on instructional communication, Dr. Adebayo studies foreign-born and trained instructors’ experiences in the U.S. classroom. Her research examines practical intercultural communication strategies for gaining mastery in an unfamiliar intercultural context- U.S. classroom. As a Nigerian-born and trained academic, her research is committed to unveiling practical ways that international teaching assistants and professors can harness the wealth of cultural and international experiences that they bring to the classroom. As a graduate student at UWM, Dr. Adebayo founded the International Teaching Assistants Community (ITAC), a community committed to providing pedagogical, and social support to international teaching assistants.


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Login: Recorded presentations to watch in advance of the Q&A are available on our YouTube channel. Register in advance for the synchronous Q&A session.


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It is nice to meet you! It is me Mamura Sharipova. I have been working as english language teacher at high schools.