PreK-12 Webinar: A Functional Approach to Language Development in WIDA 2020

When:  Jan 22, 2022 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM (ET)


This webinar discusses a new way of understanding language and language development: A functional approach to language development. Presenters contextualize the approach within the new WIDA ELD Standards Framework and share a unit focusing on how to achieve equity for MLs by making language visible in the service of learning rigorous academic content.


Dr. Ruslana Westerlund is an equity-minded educational consultant at CESA2, a regional educational service provider serving 74 school districts in southern Wisconsin. She is a former WIDA researcher where she contributed to the development of the WIDA 2020 ELD Standards. Before WIDA, she worked at the state level, designing services for refugee students and families in collaboration with other state departments and providing technical assistance to school districts around equitable educational opportunities for MLs. She is also an author of From Borsch to Burgers: A Cross-Cultural Memoir, where she chronicled her cross-cultural journey and evolving transcultural identity.

Dr. Luciana C. de Oliveira is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies in the School of Education and a Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research focuses on issues related to teaching multilingual learners at the elementary and secondary levels. She served in the presidential line of TESOL International Association (2017-2020) and was a member of the Board of Directors (2013-2016). She was the first Latina to ever serve as President (2018-2019) of TESOL.


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