SPLIS Webinar: Re-Conceptualizing the Materials English Language Development Teachers Use

When:  Oct 29, 2021 from 01:30 PM to 02:30 PM (ET)


Re-Conceptualizing the Materials English Language Development Teachers Use to Design Listening Experiences for University-Bound Multilingual Scholars

Listening is a complex process for both monolingual and bilingual scholars. However, a lack of awareness regarding its complexity may explain why it is often overlooked or under-addressed in the second language (L2) teaching materials. This webinar reports on an intensive investigation into the ways listening, the L2 skill researchers view as the least understood and the least practiced (Field, 2019; Graham, 2017; Graham, Santos, & Francis-Brophy, 2014; Siegel, 2016; Vandergrift & Goh, 2012), received pedagogical attention in a North American intensive English program that prepares university-bound multilingual scholars for in English as a Medium of Instruction contexts. Participants will learn how a listening experience is defined and how current listening materials contribute towards the various strands of a listening experience that English language development teachers both consider and have yet to consider in their applied practice as they prepare scholars for various communicative contexts.


Dr. Jennifer Lacroix is a pedagogy-focused applied linguist with expertise in second language acquisition research and its applications to language teaching. Her research agenda focuses on the role listening plays in language development and its overlap with pedagogy. At TESOL, she currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Intercultural Communication Interest Section (ICIS), a Member-at-Large for the Applied Linguistics Interest Section (ALIS), and is a former member of the Standards Council. Lacroix also sits on two K-12 public school boards.


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