SPLIS Webinar: A Framework for Pronunciation Feedback - Corrective Feedback Gets Depressed When it i

When:  Feb 2, 2021 from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM (ET)


A Framework for Pronunciation Feedback - Corrective Feedback Gets Depressed When it is all Alone

Teachers tend to only give feedback on pronunciation in response to errors. This is often unplanned and there are many questions related to how effective such correction is, both immediately and over time. However, there are ways in which we can increase the likelihood of success in corrective feedback (CF). One of the key ingredients is the extent to which learners recognize and understand the correction. This points to the value of being able to relate CF back to previous explicit teaching, and more fundamentally, to a student's individual pronunciation goals that have been set as a result of diagnostic tests.

This webinar puts forward a framework that helps teachers move beyond ad hoc CF to provide feedback that is coherent and consistent, that is relevant to a student's clear plan of what they need to work on, and that students can interpret accurately. Explicit teaching of pronunciation needs to be accompanied by ongoing feedback both in the presentation and practice stages. We include feedback by drawing on learners’ perceptions when introducing an aspect of pronunciation and then again on their production as a part of the same exchange or series of exchanges. The webinar demonstrates how this is done in practice through a series of lessons on word stress.

The intended audience of this webinar are English language teachers, teacher educators, and researchers.


uL9l3M9HQUCYIQm4gFXL_temp-T.jpgGraeme Couper is an Associate Professor at AUT. He has worked as an English language teacher and teacher educator for many years in New Zealand as well as in Mexico, Turkey, Japan, Germany, and Uruguay. His widely-published research brings theory and practice together in investigations into pronunciation teaching and learning.


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