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TESOL Research Agenda Fair at TESOL 2023 (March 21–24, 2023)

  • 1.  TESOL Research Agenda Fair at TESOL 2023 (March 21–24, 2023)

    Posted 15-06-2022 04:13 PM

    Call for Panel Presenters

    *Apologies for Cross Posting*

    The TESOL Research Professional Council (RPC) invites submissions to be a TESOL Research Agenda Fair panellist at the TESOL 2023 International Convention in Portland, Oregon, USA. The fair focuses on research trends and priorities and highlights work that aligns with the TESOL Research Agenda. The goal of the fair is to bring together theory, research, and practice.

    The fair starts with an overview of the TESOL Research Agenda, emerging research trends, and future research priorities. This overview is followed by four panellists from a wide range of backgrounds (classroom-based scholar practitioners and graduate students are welcome) who share and discuss their latest work and its practical implications for English as an additional language teaching and learning. Panellists investigating under-researched topics and contexts as well as areas of increasing importance are encouraged to submit a proposal. All panellists should make clear and explicit connections to the TESOL Research Agenda. Panellists each have 10 minutes plus time for questions (two to three minutes). The panel is followed by small group discussions led by the panellists and RPC members to explore the panel topics as well as TESOL research trends and priorities. There will be an opportunity for the small groups to share at the end of the session.

    To be part of the TESOL Research Agenda Fair's panel, please submit a proposal for a 10-minute panel presentation by Friday July 15, 2022. The TESOL Research Agenda Fair will be a face-to-face event at the TESOL 2023 Convention. Submissions will be reviewed by the RPC, and successful submissions will be confirmed after Friday July 29, 2022. Presenters are expected to register for the TESOL 2023 Convention and attend the convention in person. If you have any questions, please contact the RPC Past Chair, Scott Douglas (

    Please use this Google Form to submit your proposal:

    Information to include in your proposal:




    Biographical Statement (25–50 words)

    Title (5–10 words)

    Abstract (25–50 words)

    Description (150–300 words)

    Reference List

    Confirmation presentation is no longer than 10 minutes (yes/no)

    Link to pdf copy of the call for presenters:

    Scott Roy Douglas, PhD
    Okanagan School of Education