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Teaching Online is a blessing

  • 1.  Teaching Online is a blessing

    Posted 12-12-2022 09:02 AM
        Once upon a time ..................


    Having worked for almost 2 decades in the Middle East, I actually miss a lot of the life there: Driving (the roads are amazinggggg) teaching in the classroom( I belong to the old school of thought CHALK & DUSTER).  But I have still not left learning and teaching. Now I can proudly say: I am a TECH-SAVY Facilitator.

    I have also attained many certifications since I returned. Many have asked me why more certificates. You already have a bag full. But as I said I belong to the School of thought that believes once a learner, always a learner. A good teacher never stops learning. I actually stayed up the entire night to attend a TEFL certification: 10 hours from 8 .00pm to 6.00 am. ( No regrets whatsoever) 

     In July 2022 I joined an International school: 21kschool 

    ( ) A school with a difference. I love meeting my students from Grades 6-8 (The first time I am teaching Middle School) The experience is unique. Children are so bubbly, and so much into learning, and teachers here are called FACILITATORS. We have no exams but assessments and no COMPETITIONS but events.  The whole world is a mad rat race to win competitions but here we have a STRESS-FREE ASSESSMENT and EVERYONE is a WINNER

    I love being a teacher and no one can deny me that blessing.

    Mary Sebastian
    ESOL Facilitator
    21 K School