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  • 1.  NYS TESOL mixed platform events

    Posted 07-07-2022 01:52 AM
    Dear Colleagues,

    As we continue to look for innovative ways to engage the community, NYS TESOL cordially invites you to participate in the following two mixed media events.


    NYS TESOL and Bilingual Multilingual Interest Section (TESOL/B-MEIS) cordially invite you to participate in a Call for Questions as part of a multi-platform event leading to a panel discussion, titled "Should we expand or diminish the role of assessment for multilingual learners", Tuesday, September 6, 4: 00 - 5: 00 PM (ET).

    To submit questions:

    To Register for the panel discussion:

    The joint panel discussion is inspired by an article titled Multilingual Mysteries: Should we expand or diminish the role of assessment for multilingual learners


    Dr. Laura Ascenzi-Moreno (Associate Professor and Department Chairperson
    Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education, Brooklyn College)
    Dr. Luciana de Oliveira (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies and Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University)
    Dr. Jamie Schissel (Associate Professor at University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
    Dr. Aída Walqui (Director, Teacher Professional Development Program, WestEd)

    Participants in this Call for Questions will have the opportunity to be entered into a raffle for WINNING a complimentary registration for the virtual component of the NYS TESOL 2022 Annual Conference, November 3-5, 2022.



    Paths towards decolonization: dismantling native speakerism


    The NYS TESOL Advocacy Committee cordially invites you to participate in this asynchronous discussion event:


    "Bringing back a tradition we started last year, but in a different format, the Advocacy would like to host asynchronous discussions in TESOL, particularly centered on advancing equity and attempts to decolonize the field. The logistics will be explained to those who reply with interest, but essentially we will share readings/materials and create a thread that people can respond to, with a new set of materials every week or two. If you are interested in participating in these discussions, please contact Dr. JPB Gerald at by Monday, July 4th, and we will be in touch."


    Suggested Readings:

    • Aneja, G. (2016). (Non)native speakered: Rethinking (Non)nativeness and teacher identity in TESOL teacher education. TESOL Quarterly, 574-596.
    • Bonfiglio, T. (2013). Inventing the native speaker. Critical Multilingualism Studies, 29-58.
    • Ennser-Kananen, J., Halonen, M. and Saarinen, T. (2021) 'Come join us and lose your accent!': Accent modification courses as hierarchization of international students. Journal of International Students, 11 (2), 322–340.
    • Kubota, R. (2021). Critical antiracist pedagogy in ELT. ELT Journal, 237-246.
    • Kubota, R., & Lin, A. (2006). Race and TESOL: Introduction to concepts and theories. TESOL Quarterly, 471-493.
    • Lee, I. (2009). Situated globalization and racism: An analysis of Korean high school EFL textbooks. Language and Literacy.
    • Phillipson, R. (2008). The linguistic imperialism of neoliberal empire. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 1-43.
    • Ramjattan, V. (2019). Racializing the problem of and solution to foreign accent in business. Applied Linguistics Review, 1-18.

    Ching-Ching Lin, Ed.D
    NYS TESOL President, 2021-2022

  • 2.  RE: NYS TESOL mixed platform events

    Posted 07-07-2022 11:29 AM
    Thank you for sharing this amazing event, Ching-Ching. Just registered for the webinar.
    Would it be free for friends who are not NYSTESOL members?

    Shuzhan Li
    Ithaca College
    United States

  • 3.  RE: NYS TESOL mixed platform events

    Posted 07-07-2022 12:42 PM
    Dear Shuzhan,

    All are welcome. Thank you for spreading the word!



    Ching-Ching Lin, Ed.D
    NYS TESOL President, 2021-2022