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MWIS - Materials Writing Interest Section - Leadership Opportunities - Incoming Chair and Community Manager

  • 1.  MWIS - Materials Writing Interest Section - Leadership Opportunities - Incoming Chair and Community Manager

    Posted 15-02-2023 02:57 PM
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    Looking to be involved in an IS or get more Materials Writing connections and experience?

    The Materials Writers Interest Section (MWIS) is looking for a new Incoming Chair and Community Manager. A list of all the responsibilities is posted below. 

    If you're interested in serving in either of these roles, submit your name, affiliation, and a bio (of 50-100 words) to Please specify the role you are applying for.

    The Incoming Chair

    The Chair, Incoming Chair, and Immediate Past Chair shall each hold office for  one year. At the end of the term, the Chair-elect shall become the Chair and  the Chair shall become the Immediate Past Chair.

    1. Provide current telephone numbers and preferred addresses to the Second  Vice President, the TESOL Central Office and key people in the section  throughout the term of office

    2. Prepare the section's segment in the general convention program, in  cooperation with the Second Vice President and Convention Associate  Chair; specifically, in planning the academic session Is and informal  discussion sessions for MWIS;  

    3. Assist the Chair in planning section activities, such as the business (open)  meeting, hospitality room, planning meetings, social events, etc. during  TESOL's Annual Convention;  5. Keep the Chair informed of section expenses that are to be drawn from the  section's operating budget by sending a copy of each reimbursement  voucher to the chair;  

    4. Assist the Chair in handling special requests of the MWIS membership,  throughout the term of office;  

    5. Work closely with the Chair in preparation for the next year's responsibilities; 

    6. Serves as an MWJS Delegate to the annual Interest Section Council  meeting, it membership is adequate to warrant two representatives.  

    The Interest Section Community Manager plays an important role in helping Interest Section (IS)  members use myTESOL to communicate and connect throughout the year. With myTESOL, the IS  Community Manager's role is less about moderating and more about keeping the conversation going. 

    1. Support your IS members in using myTESOL:

    a. Take a self-guided tour of myTESOL and view the IS Community Manager Training Video

    b. Answer technical questions from IS members directly or send them the Contact Us link  to be directed to TESOL staff 

    c. Direct them to the video tutorials on the myTESOL homepage 

    2. Monitor your ISs community in order to: 

    a. Sustain the dialogue, bring up an old topic that wasn't fully explored and open it up again for further discussion, thank frequent posters

    b. Enforce the myTESOL Code of Conduct by flagging as inappropriate (Off-topic posts, Spam, Disrespectful or malicious posts). 

    c. Post a link to an article, a blog post, or another resource and invite discussion iii. Post an open-ended or thought-provoking question 

    Please don't hesitate to respond with any other questions as well!

    Taylor Sapp

    MWIS Chair

    Taylor Sapp
    Employee and Community Instructor
    United States


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