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Final Reminder: ALIS ELECTIONS (Deadline for Nominations: February 3, 2023)

  • 1.  Final Reminder: ALIS ELECTIONS (Deadline for Nominations: February 3, 2023)

    Posted 02-02-2023 12:29 PM

    Dear all,
    We are seeking nominations for the next ALIS Chair-elect, Community Manager, Social Media Coordinator, and Member-at-large. If you would like to self-nominate or nominate one of your colleagues, please do so through this link:

    Chair-elect (2023-2024; Chair 2024-2025; Past-chair 2025-2026)

    • Attends the TESOL Convention in 2023, 2024, and 2025
    • Assists the incoming Chair in all IS-related activities during the 2023-2024 position year (including but not limited to hosting webinars, conference planning, etc.)
    • Assumes the position of Chair for the 2024-2025 cycle, and becomes the Past Chair for 2025-2026.
    • Organizes the Academic Session for TESOL 2024. 
    • In the temporary absence of the Chair, presides at all meetings of ALIS 
    • Generally, assists the Chair in carrying out their responsibilities and performs other duties assigned by the Chair. 


    Community Manager (2023-2025)

    • Manages the ALIS Community on
    • Maintains membership lists and track membership annually for reporting at the annual convention ALIS business meeting 
    • Assists Newsletter Editor(s) and Social Media Coordinator(s) with coordinating activities across the different social media and communication venues
    • Assists with other duties assigned by the Chair 
    • Attends TESOL Convention training sessions, as necessary


    Social Media Coordinator (2023-2025)

    • Promotes awareness of the purpose and actions of the IS through ongoing communication efforts. This means managing social media accounts and making sure people post and tweet about applied linguistic research related to language education
    • Announces ALIS events across social media platforms


    Member-at-large (2023-2025)

    • Attends ALIS leadership meetings
    • Collects feedback from ALIS members on interest section events 
    • Offers feedback on ALIS initiatives and activities
    • Assists the Chair and Chair-Elect in planning IS activities


    Deadline for Nominations: February 3, 2023.

    Rashad Ahmed
    Assistant Professor
    Jacksonville State University