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  • 1.  English Language Teaching Research in Pakistan

    Posted 27-01-2023 09:03 AM
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    Good morning colleagues,

    As a continuation of showcasing ELT research in Pakistan, this month's live discussion features Kasif raz, the current Co-Chair Elect of the TESOL Program Administration IS. Join us on 12th Feb 2023 at 10 AM Pakistan Standrad Time as we discuss his recent work on Pakistan's English in Education Policy.

    Time Guide: 12th Feb 10 AM Pakistan Standard Time
                          11th Feb 10 PM Calgary Standard Time.
                          11th Feb 9 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Zoom Link:

    Meeting ID: 967 507 1542
    Passcode: Coffee2022

    Have questions? You're welcome to e-mail me at

    Looking forward to seeing you at this exciting discussion!

    English Language Instructor,

    If you missed the January discussion, its posted right here:
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    View this on YouTube >

    Naziha Ali Raza, EdD TESOL
    Director Training & Development
    VistaBrainz Professional Development

  • 2.  RE: English Language Teaching Research in Pakistan

    Posted 7 days ago

    This Tchai, Coffee & Research Conversation talked about providing an environment to encourage research, collaboration, and not just publications but making a difference and encouraging others to do the same. I learned a lot and was intrigued and encouraged by the issues and topics. Issues covering English learners' fear of the focus on exams meant fluency was an issue related to being afraid to speak and ridicule. Speaking about this issue brought up the national curriculum, education management, and policy. It also raised issues with national curriculum requirements and the evaluation of textbooks used generally, teacher professional development, eLearning, and technology professional development for teachers. I would agree with the coverage and discussion.<o:p></o:p>

    Other topics covered were related to possible causes of these issues, belief systems, and practices. While resources for training and professionals may be in place, according to the video, not all teachers and levels may have access. Topics such as publication for status, i.e., assistant, associate, and full professor, presented their own set of issues regarding what happens after publication and the quality of work just to get published, publication at all costs.<o:p></o:p>

    One of the last topics covered was the well-being of teachers who teach and do research, as there seems to be little time for them to do research which presents stress points, to put it lightly, concerning publication requirements for advancement against required teaching hours. Overall, this video was packed full of the kinds of conversations, issues, and what happens next after publication we need to know about, as publication is obviously more than just for career advancement. Meaningful research should make a difference. Thanks for posting!<o:p></o:p>

    William Hamilton
    University of Arizona Global Campus

  • 3.  RE: English Language Teaching Research in Pakistan

    Posted 2 days ago
    Dear William,

    Thank you for the very useful review of my work showcasing research from Pakistan. You’ve detailed the past 6 months of these sessions in a comprehensive manner.

    Thanks for watching and sharing with everyone.

    Best wishes,

    Dr Naziha Ali (EdD TESOL, University of Exeter, UK)

  • 4.  RE: English Language Teaching Research in Pakistan

    Posted 14 hours ago

    Dr. Naziha Ali,

    Thank you and the pleasure was all mine in watching the presentation. You are more than welcome to use the detailed understanding I had of your work as you see fit as creative commons. After all, it's all your work!


    William Hamilton
    University of Arizona Global Campus