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  • 1.  Celebrate Our Community- Adult Education Interest Section (AEIS)

    Posted 30-08-2022 01:57 PM
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    Greetings!  Here is a short introduction of the AEIS and what we have been doing.  Thank you for reading it and we look forward to seeing many of you at our virtual events soon as part of the celebration of the World Literacy Day and The Adult Education and Family Literacy Week in September. Stay tuned!

    Statement of Purpose

    The Adult Education Interest Section (AEIS) strives to provide teachers with the resources, knowledge, and skills to ensure that high-quality instruction is available to adult English learners throughout the world so that they are empowered to achieve their goals.

    What Does The AEIS Do?

    • Encourages professional development, participation, and leadership among members of the interest section.
    • Advises on the development and establishment of standards of performance of adult students.
    • Serves as a means for communication among English language educators in adult education and between adult English language educators and other groups.
    • Disseminates information relevant to members of the interest section and educates the public, governmental officials and other groups as necessary.
    • Advocates for social justice and DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion and access to quality instruction) on behalf of adult English learners and teachers.
    • Strengthens English language instruction and research through communication, advocacy and research projects

    What has your AEIS leadership team been doing for our TESOL  communities since 2022?

    • Updated the Purpose Statement and scope of the AEIS
    • Organized the AEIS Academic Session - Counter-story Telling as a Social Justice Pedagogy, and an Intersection Session - Adult ESOL Education: The State of the Field for TESOL 2023 International Convention
    • Hosts coffee chats and hot topics discussions with members
    • Organizing events as part of the World Literacy Day and Adult Education and Family Literacy Week celebration in September. Stay tuned-J
    • Love to get your ideas on how we can do more for you and your students!

    How to get involved with the AEIS?

    • Share your teaching ideas and your best practices and innovations with our community at My Communities/AEIS.
    • Let us know the topics you'd like to have for the AEIS webinars
    • Submit an article for our AEIS newsletter
    • Join us and volunteer yourself for the volunteer leadership positions
    • Check here for more information.

    You'll find the experience extremely rewarding while working with this great team of leaders and the AEIS community.

    Thank you and let's celebrate and build a stronger AEIS community together!

      Yilin Sun, Ph.D.
      Co-Chair, AEIS
      Seattle Colleges, Seattle, WA, USA
      Former President, 2014-2015
      TESOL International Association
      English Language Specialist, US Dept. of State since 2009


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    • 2.  RE: Celebrate Our Community- Adult Education Interest Section (AEIS)

      Posted 03-09-2022 06:45 PM
      Thank you, Yilin, for posting this information. And thank you for your leadership in AEIS!

      Debra Suarez, PhD, MS-TESOL, MBA, PMP
      AEIS Community Manager - Interim

      TESOL International Board of Directors, (2019-2022)
      Past President, Maryland TESOL
      Past President, Second Language Research SIG, AERA
      Lifetime Achievement Award, Maryland TESOL