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Celebrate Our Communities- SRIS

  • 1.  Celebrate Our Communities- SRIS

    Posted 25-08-2022 02:05 PM

    Hello All,

    We are Fatmeh Alalawneh and Bashar Al Hariri, the Co-Chairs of the SRIS, Refugee Concerns Interest Section. Welcome to this short introduction of our community. It is our pleasure to serve as the 2022/2023 SRIS Co-Chairs and work with our amazing leadership team.

    Our Statement of Purpose

    The Social Responsibility Interest Section (SRIS) supports and develops members engaged in integrating language teaching, research, and training with social responsibility, world citizenship, and awareness of global issues such as peace, human rights, and the environment. The SRIS promotes social responsibility within the profession to advance social equity, respect for differences, and multicultural understandings through education.


    Our 2022-2023 Leadership team includes:

    Chair Elect: Carter Winkle

    Past Co-Chairs: Ethan Trinh and Luis Pentón Herrera

    Newsletter Co-Editors: Sheila Ameri and Stephanie Schmidt

    English Learner Advocacy Leader: Adil Bentahar and Leigh Anne Shaw

    Global Issues in Education Advocacy Leader: Yecid Ortega

    Intersections of Identity and Language Advocacy Leader: Michel Riquelme Sanderson


    Our Target Audience

    All TESOL members (and nonmembers) interested in promoting and advocating social justice issues across TESOL contexts.


    How to get involved with SRIS?

    We are happy to accept articles in different areas of social justice to be published in our newsletter. We also welcome interested members to join our webinars, as presenters or attendees. We have wonderful opportunities for interested members to join our leadership team and engage in meaningful work that advances our SRIS mission.  


    Fatmeh Alalawneh
    University of Toledo
    United States