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Celebrate and Join Our Community: Second Language Writing (SLW) IS

  • 1.  Celebrate and Join Our Community: Second Language Writing (SLW) IS

    Posted 11-09-2022 10:11 PM
    Dear All,

    Please consider joining our awesome intellectual community dedicated to Second Language Writing in the broadest sense.


    The Second Language Writing IS (SLWIS) exists to facilitate interaction among TESOL members who desire to further the teaching and research of second language (L2) writing in different contexts and settings, including ESL and EFL. We aim to define issues and standards in ESL/EFL writing by discussing many issues in the field of L2 writing and establishing standards by which to evaluate ESL/EFL writing materials and applications. We work toward TESOL's mission and strategic direction by disseminating information regarding ESL/EFL writing, maintaining communication between members, and serving as avenues for the exchange of research, theory, materials, and approaches pertaining to ESL/EFL writing. We also work toward generating an understanding of L2 writing with TESOL members and organizing and coordinating L2 writing sessions with other interest sections as well as organizations outside of TESOL. Lastly, we aim to foster L2 writing research activities among our members and with other TESOL members.

    Membership numbers: 1,326 as of February 1, 2022 

    Where to find us: Facebook, Twitter, myTESOL


    Steering Committee:


    • Estela Ene
    • Past chair: Sarah Henderson Lee
    • Chair elect: Sidury Christiansen

    Newsletter co-editors

    • Elena Taylor
    • Sidury Christiansen
    • Svetlana Koltovskaia  


    • Özge Yol


    • Veronika Maliborska
    • Madhukar K C
    • Svetlana Koltovskaia  
    • Megan Siczek

    Community manager

    • Saurabh Anand
    •  Academic session at TESOL 2023:
      Perspectives on Critical Language Awareness: Theory and Practice

    Shawna Shapiro, Parva Panahi, Kimberly Adelia Helmer, and Estela Ene unpack the meaning and applications of Critical Language Awareness (CLA) by discussing it from the perspectives of transculturalism, linguistic landscaping in EAP, and internationalization. 

    • InterSection session with SLW IS and the Materials Writers IS  
    SLW Materials for Adult Education, ESP, Academic Honesty, and Play

    - Salim Razi, Lisa McGrath, Joseph Vance, Scott Douglas,  panelists from ESL, EFL, Adult Education, and ESP contexts, present principles and best practices of SLW materials design for multiple contexts. The use of play for language/SWL learning and designs that foster academic honesty are in special focus.

    We will also continue our book club and webinars -- TBA




    Estela Ene, Ph.D.
    Professor and Chair of English
    Indiana University Indianapolis
    SLW-IS Chair