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The Refugee Concerns Interest Section (RCIS) is an international association of educators working to advance the quality of English language teaching of English as an additional language to people from refugee backgrounds. The RCIS seeks to do this by complementing the professional development, advocacy, and research provided by TESOL International Association.

RCIS LEADERS, 2020-2021

Chair: @Kristin Kibler
Chair-Elect: @Elizabeth Evans
Chair-Elect-Elect: @Eliza Brumbaugh
Past Chair: @Nicole Pettitt
Community Manager: @Stacy Brown
Members-at-Large: @Ilene Winokur, @Warifa Sobh, and @Hsin-Yu Hsu-Contreras
Editors: @Katherine Hardin and @Brenda Custodio
Secretary: @Christine Tennyson 



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