Second Language Writing (SLWIS)

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The Second Language Writing IS (SLWIS) exists to facilitate interaction among TESOL members who desire to further the teaching and research of second language (L2) writing in different contexts and settings, including ESL and EFL. We aim to define issues and standards in ESL/EFL writing by discussing many issues in the field of L2 writing and establishing standards by which to evaluate ESL/EFL writing materials and applications. We work toward TESOL's mission and strategic direction by disseminating information regarding ESL/EFL writing, maintaining communication between members, and serving as avenues for the exchange of research, theory, materials, and approaches pertaining to ESL/EFL writing. We also work toward generating an understanding of L2 writing with TESOL members and organizing and coordinating L2 writing sessions with other interest sections as well as organizations outside of TESOL. Lastly, we aim to foster L2 writing research activities among our members and with other TESOL members.


Chair: Betsy Gilliland
Chair-Elect: Aylin Atilgan Relyea
Past-Chair: Tanita Saenkhum
Secretary: Özge Yol
Coeditor: Ilka Kostka
Coeditor: Elena Shvidko
Members at Large: Sarah Henderson Lee, Estela Ene, Megan Siczek, Veronika Maliborska, Julie Riddlebarger, M. Sidury Christiansen, and Henry Caballero