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The Social Responsibility Interest Section (SRIS) supports and develops members engaged in integrating language teaching, research, and training with social responsibility, world citizenship, and awareness of global issues such as peace, human rights, and the environment. The SRIS promotes social responsibility within the profession to advance social equity, respect for differences, and multicultural understandings through education.


CoChair: Anastasia Khawaja
CoChair: Riah Werner
Chair-Elect: Sky Lantz-Wagner
Chair-Elect: Federico Salas-Isnardi
Past Chair: Carter A. Winkle
CoEditors: Luis Pentón Herrera and "Ethan" Tinh Trinh
Community Mangers: Katrina Schmidt and Hetal Ascher
EL Advocacy Domain Leaders: Babak Khoshnevisan and Christine Poteau
Intersections of Identity and Language Teaching Domain Leaders: Hemamalini Ramachandran, Gyewon Jang, and Margo Wolfe
Professional Learning Domain Leaders: Christine Leider and Ayanna Cooper
Global Issues in Education Domain Leaders: Yecid Ortega and Valerie Jakar
Steering Committee: Elisabeth Chan, Anne Marie Foerster Luu, and Laura Jacob


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