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    Here is a short and simple article I stumbled across about integration of formative assessment into your ...

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    How do you gauge student progress outside of formal, standard, or high-stakes assessment? Here is one ...

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    Hello, fellow TESOLers! My apologies for cross-posting and for the duplicate messages that some ...

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    Hello, fellow TESOLers! My apologies for cross-posting this notice of deadline extension, and for ...

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    Dynamic Assessment

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    Dynamic Assessment (DA) as an interactional approach to assessment in language teaching and learning ...


Assessment affects every aspect of instruction and educational practice. The Assessment Issues Professional Learning Network (PLN) provides a platform for discussion on such aspects of assessment as traditional vs. alternative, standards-based, standardized, high-stakes, etc. In line with the TESOL International Association’s goals and strategic planning, the Assessment Issues PLN strives to increase TESOL members’ knowledge, tools, and resources to enhance their expertise and practice in testing practices and expand TESOL's capacity for members’ professional learning opportunities. Dissemination opportunities through the Assessment Issues PLN will increase access to research in assessment theory and practice, both in hosting researchers and practitioners in conference presentations and in encouraging publications with assessment issues as their focus. The Assessment Issues PLN has as its ethical core the promotion of integrity in assessment guided by best practices in fairness and transparency, seeking to improve current testing praxis to provide academic access to the core curriculum and protection for individual English learners’ language rights.


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