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The English for Specific Purposes Interest Section (ESPIS) exists to serve the needs of those teachers, program developers, consultants and researchers who are interested in the design and delivery of courses for individuals with identifiable academic and professional/occupational goals. These courses may be for students in specific graduate and undergraduate disciplines or technical skills training, or for people working or preparing to work in business, industry, government or other places of employment. A PowerPoint created by ESPIS leaders and displayed on the ESPIS homepage clarifies how ESP is conceptualized in the ESPIS.


Chair: Marvin Hoffland
Chair-Elect: Ismaeil Fazel
Past Chair: Esther Perez Apple
English for Academic Settings Representative: Pamela Dzunu
English for Occupations Settings Representative: Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan
English for Occupations Settings Representative: Jennifer Roberts
Secretary/Archivist: Jennifer Speier
Kevin Knight
Community Manager: Tarana Patel


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