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TESOL's English for Specific Purposes Interest Section exists to serve the needs of those teachers, program developers, consultants, and researchers who are interested in the design and delivery of courses for individuals with identifiable academic and professional goals. These courses may be for students in specific graduate and undergraduate disciplines or for people working or preparing to work in business, industry, government, or other places of employment.

The primary goals and activities of the interest section are to:

  • encourage the sharing of expertise and specialized curricula among ESP practitioners;
  • promote research into the spoken and written discourse involved in areas of ESP;
  • foster communication between ESP researchers and practitioners;
  • provide a centralized forum within TESOL for the exchange of information on ESP issues through colloquia, papers, demonstrations, and discussion groups at the annual conference and through newsletters during the year;
  • foster the recognition of English for Specific Purposes language training as a professional/academic discipline;
  • promote ethical and high professional standards of instruction, administration, and employment practices in ESP programs;
  • compile and maintain the Directory of ESP Professional Services which lists ESP professionals and the areas of ESP involvement to improve opportunities for networking;
  • identify persons within the ESP community who may serve as resources to others;
  • advocate for the professional concerns of the members and the individuals the members teach/train;
  • mentor, advise, and train members with regard to conference proposals, publications, and professional concerns;
  • represent the needs and concerns of ESP professionals to the TESOL membership, Executive Board, Central Office, and Interest Section Council;
  • ensure viability and continuity of TESOL by training and encouraging practitioners in ESP-IS to become officers; and
  • cooperate with other organizations addressing the needs of ESP learners in order to achieve common goals.

ESP: An Overview for Practitioners and Clients

LEADERS, 2021-2022

Chair: @Pamela Dzunu
@Jennifer Roberts
Past Chair: @Tarana Patel
Secretary: @Alan Orr
Editor: @Kevin Knight
Community Manager: @Marvin Hoffland



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