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The Materials Writers Interest Section (MWIS) is a Community of Practice dedicated to the discussion of the development and use of EFL/ESL materials, in any format. MWIS provides a network for materials developers that help them by answering questions they have about materials, their development, their relationship to research and avenues for publication. As all educators and researchers are to some extent materials writers who have to make decisions about evaluating, adapting, supplementing, and rearranging materials, MWIS reaches out to all TESOL members involved in materials development, which may involve teachers, authors, researchers, editors, developers, designers, programmers, program administrators and others involved in materials development.

MWIS LEADERS, 2020-2021

CoChairs: @Michael Bowen and @Teresa Nguyen
Chair-Elect: @Margaret Morris
Past Chair: @Lisa Horvath
Editor: @Carol Williams