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    RE: Collaborate!

    Thank you for your message, Nicholas. I have been following along with your messages since Chicago, ...

  • Laura, This is a good idea and 100% consistent with AEIS leadership goals for 2018-2019. I like the ...

  • The EFLIS is pleased to announce their first post conference webinar and first of a series. We will be ...

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    So sorry! I just updated the link so anyone can add their ideas and collaborate together! ...

  • Yes, many thanks. Would you like to make it editable so people can start contributing? On Thu, May ...


The Adult Education Interest Section (AEIS) strives to provide teachers with the resources, knowledge, and skills to ensure that high-quality instruction is available to adult English learners throughout the world so that they are empowered to achieve their goals.


Cochair: Nicholas Hadden
Cochair: Rob Sheppard
Cochair-Elect: Aleksandra Nikolova
Cochair-Elect: Elizabeth Schade
Past Cochair: Thu Tran
Past Cochair: Elizabeth Schade
Coeditor: Bryan Woerner
Coeditor: Sarah Russ Ellefson

Community Manager: Elizabeth Schade


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