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The International Teaching Assistant Interest Section (ITAIS) is an innovative and vibrant professional community advancing the quality of English language instruction for ESL/EFL graduate students preparing to teach classes in their fields using English at American universities. ITAIS advances TESOL’s Mission and Strategic Vision by offering professional development throughout the year, producing high-quality publications, developing standards for ITA Program administration and pedagogy, and advocating for ITAs in addition to ESL/EFL speakers in higher education. The ITAIS provides a variety of professional learning opportunities that incorporate relevant research and development throughout the year both online and in person through webinars and regional and national conferences dedicated to ITA issues.


Chair: Derina Samuel
Chair-Elect: Morag Burke
Past Chair: Stephen D. Looney
Member-at-Large: Ekaterina Arshavskaya
Member-at-Large: Stacy Suhadolc
Secretary: Maria Mendoza
Historian: Susie Sarwark
Editor: Laura Murphy
Community Manager: Pauline Carpenter
Community Manager: Diane Cotsonas


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