Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening (SPLIS)

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The Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening Interest Section (SPLIS) focuses on all aspects of oral/aural skills in English language teaching. We work to increase educators’ awareness of the importance of oral/aural skills for English learners of all ages, from early childhood through adult. We help educators recognize the role of spoken English in second language development, social well-being, and academic success. We support educators in all settings to help learners improve their pronunciation and listening skills. We encourage research and scholarship, disseminate information, develop teaching materials, and advance teaching tools and methods.


Chair: Veronica Sardegna
Chair-Elect: Susan Spezzini
Past Chair: Veronica Sardegna
Coeditor: Suzanne Franks
Coeditor: Shantaya Rao
Secretary: Hilal Ergül
Member-at-Large: Nancy Elliott
Community Manager:
 Holly Hubbard


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