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    Dear Alison, Shannon, and Arts and Creativity PLNers ~ Alison and Shannon, thank you so much for organizing ...

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    Gathering kindling and have matches handy for the Fireside Chat, Saturday, Feb 27, 1300 ET.  Here's all ...

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    The fireside chat will glow brighter with 2 students in attendance: the star of Pride and Prejudice ...

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    Hello all,  Inspired here as we get bells on for the Fireside Chat Feb. 27 Saturday at 1300 ET.  A few ...

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    Dear Rick,  We can't thank you enough for sharing your website! ...


The arts have a long history in TESOL, where they’ve been used to engage students, develop creativity and deepen language learning. Drawing on a wide range of artistic traditions (drama, music, visual art, multimedia, dance, film, puppetry, poetry, storytelling and more) and broader conceptualizations of creativity in the classroom, the Arts and Creativity PLN creates a space for TESOLers to reflect on the role of the arts in language teaching and to share teaching practices that integrate the arts and develop students’ creativity.


Leader: Riah Werner
Community Managers: Alison Koushki and @Shannon Parks

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