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    Hi everyone, My name is Walton Burns. I have been teaching for 17 years, but nowadays I do more materials ...

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    Thank you for sharing, Misty! Drawing is a critical component in language acquisition. Always great to ...

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    Hi everyone - I'm pleased to have found my way here to the Arts and Creativity PLN. I read about the ...

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    Calling all Language Artists:   Welcome to the Arts and Creativity PLN, from co-founder and community ...

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    Dear TESOLers,  Great news. We extended our 2020 Electronic Village Call for Proposals. You have a ...


The arts have a long history in TESOL, where they’ve been used to engage students, develop creativity and deepen language learning. Drawing on a wide range of artistic traditions (drama, music, visual art, multimedia, dance, film, puppetry, poetry, storytelling and more) and broader conceptualizations of creativity in the classroom, the Arts and Creativity PLN creates a space for TESOLers to reflect on the role of the arts in language teaching and to share teaching practices that integrate the arts and develop students’ creativity.


Leader: Riah Werner
Online Discussion Facilitator and Moderator: Alison Koushki

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