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The purpose of the Bilingual-Multilingual Interest Section (B-MEIS) is to support and promote primary languages and literacies as fundamental to the acquisition of English as a second or additional language. The IS supports the opportunity and right of all individuals to develop and to maintain proficiency in their mother tongues and to become proficient in more than one language. The IS believes that additive and dynamic approaches must be endorsed and implemented in educational institutions in the interests of students from diverse backgrounds. 

B-MEIS LEADERS, 2020-2021

Chair: @Ching-Ching Lin
Past Chair:
@Alsu Gilmetdinova
@Kirti Kapur and @Matthew Nall
Community Managers:
@Janie Thomas and @Bashar Al Hariri
Member-at-Large: @Xin Chen
Historians: @Shuzhan Li and @Laura Liu


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