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Study online for Tesolers

  • 1.  Study online for Tesolers

    Posted 15-05-2018 11:35
    Hello there. My name is Peterson and I have been a TESOL since 2016. I have a personal issue that I would you guys to help me with as Tesoler and that might be the case of others members that I don't yet since I don't know all members, I think that TESOL has been one of the greatest teacher associations if not the best, therefore I am asking if TESOL could not lunch some diploma or bachelor courses for different members either online or on site but at a reasonable price? just consider it as a help toward all TESOL members. I am asking that because not all Tesolers had a chance to graduate in a college or University even if we are all English teachers at different levels, but I believe that would be a great help for us as members to be part of a great thing like that because I have seen other colleges or Universities doing that and I said let me ask and maybe that would work or at least the board members might start to think about it.


    Peterson Philibert
    English Teacher

  • 2.  RE: Study online for Tesolers

    Posted 17-05-2018 17:36
    I have participated in numerous online courses. I have definitely come away with something from each course. I wasn't able to finish my certification because of family responsibilities, and I would be interested in the online classes that you are proposing.

    Joyce Hoffman
    Catholic Charities

  • 3.  RE: Study online for Tesolers

    Posted 18-05-2018 14:03
    Dear TESOLERS,

    Interesting topic of discussion. Just in case it helps, here my contribution:
    There are lots of great courses via

    If you allow me, there a master's program for language teachers at the University where I work for; you could find more specific info via: Maestría en Didáctica del Inglés para el Aprendizaje Autodirigido

    In case you are interested, feel free to ask.

    Claudia Acero
    Academic Coordinator
    Universidad de La Sabana

  • 4.  RE: Study online for Tesolers

    Posted 19-05-2018 19:52
    Hello dear Tesolers,
    I want to talk about what Mr. Philibert said about having online bachelor's degree  courses available for English teachers. I think TESOL's Academic Board should ponder that brilliant idea and make it come true.
    I totally agree with him and hoping that other teachers will as well support this idea.

    Jean Willio Jean-Jules D.
    Dominican Republic