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Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

  • 1.  Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

    Posted 05-07-2018 04:41
    My name is Khanh. I've just joined the community of TESOL and registered a Self Study Course. I am not a professional teacher, so I just want to learn more about teaching methods in order to help my mom tutor the children. My mother got a Master degree in Linguistic and teaching is her full-time job.

    I have a few questions about this course, and I hope you can help me answer them. 
    1. Is this Self-Study TESOL certificate of completion internationally-recognized?
    2.  There are some parts in the modules request for a post and comments. Where should I post my task? On this forum?

    Thank you so much in advance for your answers! Wish you all succeed! 

    Truong Khanh
    Viet Nam

  • 2.  RE: Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

    Posted 06-07-2018 22:49

    Hi Truong Khanh,

    You need to contact the people who run the Online Program where you enroll for the Self-Study class.  They can answer your questions.   E-mail them directly and ask them about the class you signed-up for.  You are asking specific questions they alone would have the answers for you.   Good luck!


    MerriLee  Leonard
    Northern Virginia Community College

  • 3.  RE: Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

    Posted 08-07-2018 10:38
    Dear Truong Khanh, 

    Somewhere in your online course, you should have information about the course instructor.  You should contact that person to ask your questions about the course.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,

  • 4.  RE: Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

    Posted 10-07-2018 03:12
    Hi, thank you for your answer. I applied for the course from this site (

    I've finished the course, but still received no notice or email from anyone. I emailed learn.tesol@org to confirm my completion and requested for a certification for 4 days but no one replies to my email...

    This is such a sad thing and it makes me regret for having paid more than 5 million VND ( a large amount of money for Vietnamese) ... I am wonderng if this site is trustable?

    Truong Khanh
    Viet Nam

  • 5.  RE: Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

    Posted 11-07-2018 08:54
    Hello Truong Khanh,

    Thank you for taking the TESOL Self-Study course, Fundamentals of TESOL.

    I'm so sorry that you have not yet received a response to your email. Our Professional Development Manager has located your email and is emailing you back right now.

    Again, I'm so sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for your patience.

    All the best,
    Meghan Moran

    Meghan Moran
    Marketing Manager
    TESOL International Association
    Alexandria VA

  • 6.  RE: Self-Study Fundamentals TESOL

    Posted 13-07-2018 15:28

    Hi Khanh,

    Two things may have happened already.  First, the certificate is enroute already to your home address.  Second, the class you took doesn't provide a certificate.  Most online schools would have students PRINT their own certificate upon course completion.  Check your inbox to see if the school has sent you the certificate already.  You can also write the teacher who taught your class---by hand.  All course information---as well as contact numbers should be listed in your course syllabus.  I hope you can resolve this problem soon.

    MerriLee  Leonard
    Northern Virginia Community College