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You can help inform teacher education programs! 4 ESL/ELL Resource Teachers Needed for Interviews

  • 1.  You can help inform teacher education programs! 4 ESL/ELL Resource Teachers Needed for Interviews

    Posted 08-12-2021 07:01 PM
    Please share. Apologies for Cross Posting.
    4 Research Participants Needed for An Interview (ESL/ELL/ELT Resource Teachers, or related title)

    I seek ESL/ELL/ESOL Resource Teachers to participate in a research study by being interviewed about their experiences working as an ESL/ELL Resource Teacher.
    The title usually is ESL/ESOL/ELL Resource Teacher, but it may be slightly different. This research is about the responsibilities many ESL/ELL/ESOL teachers have in addition to their language instruction (e.g., placement, testing, advocacy; mainstream teacher support or workshops).

    I'm curious to know how teacher education programs can better prepare individuals who will become ESL/ELL/ESOL teachers. It would take approximately 1 hour and would be conducted on Zoom. I can schedule for a time/day that works best for the teacher.

    1. Do you work in the US?
    2. Do you work in the K-12 public schools?
    3. Are you working as an ESL/ELL teacher?
    4. Are you currently working as an ESL/ELL Resource Teacher or related title (e.g., ESL Coordinator with teaching responsibilities)?
    5. What is your job title?
    6. Do you have any responsibilities such as: administration (i.e., placements, proctoring standardized assessments), peer resource support/education, translation, social/emotional/behavior support for ELLs, etc.?
    If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, the educator is eligible to participate.

    Please let me know if any ESL/ELL/ESOL Resource Teachers (you or a colleague) have time and are willing. This knowledge would be insightful and help many future educators. Educators can reach me at with questions or to schedule an interview. Thank you.

    Kate Mastruserio Reynolds, Ed.D.
    Central Washington University

    Kate Reynolds
    Central Washington University
    United States