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Celebrate our Communities - Higher Education Interest Section - HEIS

  • 1.  Celebrate our Communities - Higher Education Interest Section - HEIS

    Posted 14-08-2021 12:10 PM

    I am happy to provide information about the Higher Education Interest Section (HEIS) as part of the Celebrate our Communities event.  Here is some information about HEIS:
    HEIS State of purpose:
    • The Higher Education Interest Section (HEIS) advances effective English language instruction, promotes professional standards and practices, influences and supports policies of TESOL and other associations, determines needs in the field and initiate projects to meet such needs, and considers all other matters relevant to ESL in higher education.
    HEIS News:   HEIS Newsletter - August 2021
    • Purpose: The goal of HEIS News is to provide a forum for the exchange of views; research; and classroom methods, materials, and practices related to English as a second or foreign language in all higher education contexts worldwide. This forum also advocates for and examines issues of professional concern to ESOL professionals working in these various higher education settings. 
    • Audience: HEIS News is written for language teachers and administrators in a wide range of higher education settings--universities, community and junior colleges, professional institutes, and other postsecondary organizations. Each of these arenas includes ESOL professionals with varied expertise and experience in dealing with diverse student bodies.
    • Vision:  HEIS News seeks inclusiveness, given the diversity its constituency. The newsletter strives to achieve balance in the following areas:
      • Articles, brief reports, and announcements that address the concerns of those working in the United States and those working in other countries
      • Coverage of issues of concern to the various constituent audiences based on educational setting, experience level, and area of expertise or interest
      • Both advocacy for and critical examination of issues
      • Practical articles directly applicable to classroom/program situations and discussion of larger issues surrounding working in higher education contexts
    • If you are interested in doing more with HEIS, please contact Maria Ammar at
    • We welcome feedback from our members on ways that we can improve what we do in HEIS.
    Maria Ammar
    Past Chair
    Higher Education Interest Section


    Immediate Past Chair:  Maria Ammar

    Chair:  Diana Estrada Alarcon

    Chair-Elect:  Melissa Ferro and Deany Goode

    Community Manager:  Maria Ammar

    Social Media Coordinator:  Open

    Secretary:  Bashar Al Hariri

    Member-at-Large:  Fatmeh Waleed Alalawneh

    Member-at-Large:  Natalya Watson

    Interest Section Newsletter Editor:  Zhenjie Weng

    Newsletter Book Reviews Editor:  Open

    Maria Ammar