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Teaching English with CLIL

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    Posted 19 days ago
    Hello dear colleagues!
    I'm a new member of this outstanding community. I started a small English Studio last year in my town (a remote Russian place with 300 000 people living there). While teaching it's interesting for me to include elements of CLIL into the process. Every Saturday we have extra "no textbooks" lessons totally based on CLIL. Every month we change the subject - from ecology to maths. And it seems to work!
    Students become more engaged into the language, they start thinking outside the box. And I am so excited, because they've got a feeling that English is not a mark at school or not the question of taking the final exam (unfortunately, there is such a problem in Russia). Student forget about LEARNING the language, they focus on USING it!
    I am open for any cooperation, ready to share my experience and get new knowledge from you! Feel free to contact me here or via email.
    Also you can visit my page to get the general image here: Студия английского БОЛЬШАЯ ПЕРЕМЕНА
    I'll be glad to know you!

    Olga Epova
    Russia TESOL Methodology