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Invitation to participate in a free online workshop on Creating Blended Learning Classrooms

  • 1.  Invitation to participate in a free online workshop on Creating Blended Learning Classrooms

    Posted 18-02-2020 03:04 AM
    English Language Specialist Vance Stevens and RELO Bangkok invite you to join in a FREE 3-week online workshop on Learning How to Create and Use a Blended Learning Classroom, The workshop takes place in Schoology and is open for enrollment now, though the first live webinar takes place in Zoom on Thu Feb 20, 2020, 19:00 in Bangkok (12 noon UTC).

    Several more synchronous webinars and office hours will be scheduled, at times negotiable with participants, but attendance at the synchronous webinars is optional. What is more important is asynchronous participation in the Schoology discussions. As there are no certificates offered for the course, participants are welcome to drop in and participate in whatever capacity they feel will benefit them at any time over the next three weeks.

    The idea for the course is to practice community-as-curriculum along MOOC precepts and invite all interested to take advantage of this opportunity to work in consulation with an EL Specialist, who developed the course following two decades experience in cultivating blended and online learning environments in f2f classrooms and in distributed communities of practice -- and perhaps more importantly, to network with and learn from peers.

    Throughout the course, the specialist will model methods for creating blended learning environments which, if they resonate with you, you can apply in your own teaching context.

    If you are interested in participating, please visit this page

    and follow the instructions there for enrolling in the Schoology course and for participating in the first webinar in Zoom, if you wish.

    Please feel free to distribute this announcement to anyone you feel would be interested

    Penang, Malaysia