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    Posted 9 days ago
    Hello Everyone!

    Recently Glenda and I joined John as new leaders for the Global Education PLN. Since then, we have been working on ways to help educators and administrators globally connect and bring new voices onto the leadership team.

    We want to do two things:
    1. learn more about member's interests, i.e., we want to provide activities and things that support you in ways that you value.
    2. find members interested in leading, i.e., those willing to work in a committee, reach out in their networks to help share information, bring in new ideas and voices, and help facilitate activities (leaders must be TESOL members).

    To accomplish this, we are creating word clouds based on your responses to identify "ideas members would like to explore" and "challenges members face."
    These anonymous responses will help us identify the largest interest areas of participating members.
    From these responses, we will seek out leaders to help us serve these interests best!

    So, please respond to these two questions via the Mentimeter to help us serve you best! These will close in 14 days (5/18/2021).
    Q2: What are three (3) of your biggest challenges in Global Education?

    And last, to start a dialogue here, tells us about 2-3 values that you think are the most critical in education? Feel free to explain so that we understand where you are coming from.

    Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Alex Monceaux, Ed.D.
    Assistant Professor, Westcliff University
    Beaumont, TX United States