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National Board Certification?

  • 1.  National Board Certification?

    Posted 17-04-2017 10:40
    Hi! I'm a second year ESL teacher at the elementary level in Virginia, but a sixth year teacher all together. I'm currently considering going through the National Board Certification Process for English as a New Language. I am hoping to find out if anyone else has gone through the process and if they would encourage others to do so. I'm also curious if anyone feels as though this would be helpful in getting a job teaching ESL abroad. If anyone has any insight at all I would love your feedback, thank you!

    Brianne Baudean

  • 2.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 18-04-2017 02:44
      Yes!  I received my certification 9 years ago and I'm currently working on my renewal.  For me, it has opened doors to working as an EAL teacher in international schools.  My original license was K-8.  I would encourage you to get your National Boards in ENL.


    Susan Cizek


  • 3.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 19-04-2017 16:31
    I originally certified in 2002 and renewed in 2012.  I've also moved from public to private school as well.  It's that extra step and don't forget it's 9 college credits if you certify.

    Laurie Knab
    English Language Arts Teacher
    French American School of Princeton

  • 4.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 20-04-2017 18:56
      I didn't know about the college credit.  Where can I find out more about this?

    Thank you,

    Susan Cizek


  • 5.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 20-04-2017 08:04
    Thank you! I will be the first in my district to certify so it's a little bit daunting but feels like it will be worth it. I appreciate your feedback!

    Brianne Baudean

  • 6.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 21-04-2017 07:11
    It is my understanding that the NB program is in the process of be revamped. Have all the updates been made in our area ENL/ESOL? I am also interested in pursuing the certification.
    Thank you.

    Karen Crichton
    ENL Teacher
    United States

  • 7.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 21-04-2017 12:01
    I am curious about this discussion on National Board Certification.
    What agency or organization or company issues this Certification?

    What teaching contexts is this aimed at?
    K-12, adult learners in literacy/ adult voc programs, other
    post secondary programs, intensive English programs,
    working aboard (outside of the US) in foreign language

    It is my understanding that K-12 certifications are determined by states.
    This is frequently /usually tied to professional development at
    universities or through state-established supported professional development
    activities.  The criteria are tied to a state educational code.
    Many teaching contexts, post K-12, require a Master's in a relevant field,
    but this is a requirement established by the training center, not by a
    national board.  Reviews for CEA evaluation of, say, intensive English
    language programs do look at the standards for the teaching faculty.

    Some commercial teaching training programs for ESL/EFL might issue
    a completion certificate.
    But it is my  understanding that there is no professionally recognized,
    nation-wide ESL/EFL/ EAL (additional language) certification.
    Margaret van Naerssen

    Margaret Van Naerssen

  • 8.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 21-04-2017 14:44
    National Board Certificates are issued by National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). As far as I know it's a very well reputted, independent, non profit organization. It was created as an attempt to bridge the different standards for teaching since each State varies in its requirements. It is primarily aimed at K12 with certifications in different content areas and different age groups. My certification for example is early and middle childhood. To achieve certification, you must have taught for at least 3 consecutive years, after being licensed. In K12, when you think of a certification that no district will question, it's a National Board Certified (NBC) one.

    Someone mentioned changes to the process. I was in the last group that had to do everything in 1 year. Nowadays you can carry it out over a period of 3 years.

    I definitely recommend it. It was, by far, THE best professional development I've ever took.

    Rejane McCorkel
    Alexandria City Public Schools

  • 9.  RE: National Board Certification?

    Posted 24-04-2017 03:23
    I think it is worth getting your national certification. I am pursuing my national certification in literacy. National certification looks good on your resume rather you teach in the US or abroad.

    Laquetta Carter