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    Posted 12 days ago

    Hey everyone!

    Recently I attended the annual TESOL convention, and one of the sessions discussed the impact gamification has on education. After that, I downloaded books and went to sleep at 3AM reading them, haha.
    Anyway, I implemented some of the characteristics of games in class, but not all. I have had an amazing result, as participation and homework completion was increased by a large margin.
    What I am looking for now is someone that can aid the process, by discussing how we can ameliorate the project. Or maybe someone who is willing to do the project as well and share the results every week.

    This is a community of practice, and that is why I am here asking this. If you have the expertise, please do not hold back. I am looking forward to meeting you :)

    Daniel Isozaki
    English Teacher
    ACE International Education