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Celebrate Our Communities: TESOL Diversity Collaborative PLN

  • 1.  Celebrate Our Communities: TESOL Diversity Collaborative PLN

    Posted 19-08-2021 09:06 AM
    Hello TESOLers!

    I extend a warm welcome to join the TESOL Diversity Collaborative PLN. Feel free to post a self-intro on our boards, share resources in our library, let us know what you're reading/listening/watching/doing. Find partners to work on projects, papers, and presentations. We are our members. As a collaborative, we believe in facilitating collaborations and building coalitions. Here's a little bit more information about our community:

    Mission Statement:
    To understand, communicate, and address diversity and equity within the English language teaching field through collaborative dialogue, publications, presentations, and sharing of resources in order to disrupt institutional inequities and barriers impacting TESOL professionals and the learners they serve.

    To be a globally recognized resource for TESOL professionals who seek to critically engage each other in on-going growth and mindfulness about how we interact with systems of power and privilege, and to promote equitable practices and advocacy.

         1. To pool the energy and power of multiple TESOL groups to mobilize the membership
         2. To highlight official TESOL governance, conventions, projects, activities, and general operations, as well as in local and international school
              contexts and teacher education programs.

         3. To unite TESOL professionals in addressing diversity issues in official governance

         4. To  apply a critical lens to equity and justice issues, thus raising awareness to analyze

         5. To  disrupt inequity in the field by providing more access to equitable practice

         6. To ingrain equity and justice initiatives into the fabric of TESOL and bring those initiatives to learners and educators worldwide

    Brief Origin Story:
    Discussions for forming the TDC group began after a post in the "NNEST" IS community regarding fifty shades of discrimination in 2014. Near the same time, TESOL had made the decision to dissolve its Diversity & Inclusion Committee. We began as a grassroots community with critically minded diversity scholars and educators from across TESOL interest sections, committees, and (then) forums who believed the association needed a body that served diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Feel free to reach out to me as well, anytime.

    Elisabeth L. Chan
    Associate Professor, ESL
    Northern Virginia Community College
    Alexandria, Virginia, USA

    Chair, TESOL Diversity Collaborative PLN 2021
    Co-leader, Intersections of Identity and ELT, Area of Advocacy, SRIS, 2021
    Past-Chair, Nominating Committee, 2020
    Past-Chair, Social Responsibility-IS, TESOL International Association 2014-2017
    Diversity and Inclusion Committee, TESOL International Association 2011-2015

  • 2.  RE: Celebrate Our Communities: TESOL Diversity Collaborative PLN

    Posted 20-08-2021 01:55 AM
    Dear Elizabeth,

    So happy to see you continuing your great work on diversity and inclusion! Looking forward to the ideas generated!


    Jane Hoelker
    Nazarbayev University, Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan