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  • 1.  Permanent vacation?

    Posted 27-04-2020 19:20
    Now that classroom instruction has moved online for an indefinite period, I'm wondering what you all think about the immediate to mid-term future of ESL and EFL in higher ed. Are residential, in-person classrooms on permanent vacation - to be gradually phased out through the inertia of university investments in online platforming / risk aversion coupled by increased adoption of such platforms by trained faculty? What will our industry and classroom look like in 2020? 2025? Social distancing policies certainly make traditional ESL methodology complicated and most universities, colleges and centers will struggle to secure the space necessary to allow for effective distancing (this problem is not confined to ESL). Low student enrollment compounds this issue. How do you see things unfolding, both in the US as well as at universities overseas? Thank you.

    Michael DAbramo
    English For Strategic Purposes, LLC