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Call for Volunteers: EV Fablab & Makerspace Mini-Workshops...

  • 1.  Call for Volunteers: EV Fablab & Makerspace Mini-Workshops...

    Posted 21-02-2020 15:35
    Dear CALL Community,

    The CALL-IS has many new events planned for this year's new  21st Century Electronic Village and Technology Showcases.

    We are looking for volunteers to help us out with two specific new events planned: The Fablabs and the Makerspaces Mini-Workshops.

    • Makerspaces: Experiential Learning Adventures are technology workshops that provide hands-on opportunity to explore various tech resources, guided by peers who have been accepted to present.
    • Fablabs: Playgrounds for Learning are BYOD playground spaces to experiment with various tech resources that support pedagogical practices and language skill development, facilitated by experts in the field.

    We are looking for "Greeters" for the two Mini-Workshop events. As a greeter, you will help the Mini-Workshop leaders check in the participants and assist the workshop tutors' pre-and during the sessions.

    Please use the following link to sign up to be a Greeter.

    Collaborate with us to make the new events a success to the participants!

    A grateful EV Fablab and Makerspace Team

    Christine Sabieh
    Notre Dame University

  • 2.  RE: Call for Volunteers: EV Fablab & Makerspace Mini-Workshops...

    Posted 23-02-2020 08:04
    Greetings all
    I am new to this community , and I am really exited to be one of the CALL group . In fact , I interested in doing researches in the field of CALL . I would like to know what are the most recent trends in this field please in terms of teaching and learning . Thank you

    Hind Alfadda
    King Saud University