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Introducing Myself

  • 1.  Introducing Myself

    Posted 07-04-2021 04:20 PM
    Hello, everyone!

    My name is Jexys Parra, a 32 year-old Venezuelan teacher. I love the idea of exchanging ideas here and meeting all of you! I am glad to be part of this community! I am currently working not only as a teacher but mainly as Academic Coordinator in a bi-national center here in my homeland, and due to the Pandemic that has us all in the same boat, all work is online. Hope you are all safe, and hopeful.

    Jexys Parra

  • 2.  RE: Introducing Myself

    Posted 07-04-2021 05:11 PM
    Hi Jexys,
    Welcome! What grade level(s) do you teach? It sounds like you're busy with both positions! I am also in your boat-- who knew I would log so many hours on Zoom! I'm grateful for the technology, but eager to see students face-to-face again.

    All the best,

    Chelsea Walter
    Colorado College
    United States