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  • 1.  Final call: Request for research support

    Posted 13-04-2022 04:18 AM

    Hi all,

    I hope everyone is having a nice semester. My name is Matt Kessler, and I am a teacher and researcher at the University of South Florida. I am currently conducting a study in which I am attempting to understand the state of second language writing instruction in classrooms around the world.

    Therefore, I am looking for people who are currently teaching writing to second language learners, OR those who have previously taught writing (within the past 5 years). This includes people who have taught a dedicated writing course, or people who have taught writing as part of an integrated skills course.

    If you meet these requirements, I ask that you please consider taking a short online survey about your teaching practices. The survey takes ~10 minutes. If interested, here is the survey link along with more information about the study:

    Thank you for your consideration, (and thank you to those who have already participated!). Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Matt Kessler
    Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics
    University of South Florida
    Department of World Languages

  • 2.  RE: Final call: Request for research support

    Posted 14-04-2022 03:56 AM
    Edited by Jane Hoelker 14-04-2022 03:56 AM
    Hi, Matt,

    Looking forward to reading the results of your research! It will be great to give our students of writing the support of learning about your research results.

    Jane Hoelker
    Writing Instructor
    Nazarbayev University
    Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan


  • 3.  RE: Final call: Request for research support

    Posted 11-05-2022 09:19 AM
    Hi Matt,

    Sorry for completing your survey a bit late.

    Looking forward to the findings of your research! It would be great if you could share the findings at a later stage.


    Yogesh Sinha, Ph.D.
    Sohar University