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    Posted 16-04-2022 02:03 AM

    Recently on the TESOL blog, Judie Haynes wrote a blog post "7 Resources From the #MLLCHAT Community" in which she highlighted some resources that were shared with that hashtag on Twitter. It sounds like an active online community for teachers of multilingual learners! Do any TESOL colleagues have other recommended hashtags for professional development or for finding useful articles and resources related to teaching English? 

    Mary Hillis
    Ritsumeikan University

  • 2.  RE: Online resources

    Posted 17-04-2022 07:51 AM
    Hi, Mary
    Thanks for bringing up Judie's #MLLCHAT article. She started that group on Twitter more than ten years ago and I signed on to co-host soon after. It is one of the longest running education Twitter chats. It started as #ELLCHAT and recently changed the name to #MLLCHAT to be more inclusive. Our colleague, Shaeley Santiago, creates an archive of all the resources that come up during our weekly live chats. But, the hashtag gets lots of action all week long as well. Monday April 18th will be an important discussion topic: Supporting Media Literacy for MLLs. We have a guest expert and author joining in to share insights for helping students at different ages to ask the right questions about news and information sources. Please join our live #MLLCHAT on Twitter April 18 9:00pm ET/ 6:00pm PT​​​​

    Karen Nemeth
    Lead Consultant
    Language Castle LLC
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Online resources

    Posted 18-04-2022 06:04 AM
    Dear Karen,

    I enjoyed reading the posting whose link you provided. My own recent research provided me with several readings about the processes that young learners go through whether learning to read English with its spelling challenges or Spanish which has less difficult spelling rules or even Chinese which does not have an alphabet. The human brain goes through the same steps in learning to read any language.

    Thanks for this link!

    Jane Hoelker
    Writing Instructor
    Nazarbayev University
    Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan