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Take 5 with TESOL!

  • 1.  Take 5 with TESOL!

    Posted 26 days ago
    Hello, everyone!

    Can you believe it's already February? We're often getting caught up with work, losing track of time, and asking ourselves where the day went. This week, we invite you to take a 5-minute break with TESOL to be present and focus on your well-being. Share what book you are reading or recently read just for fun! Stay tuned for more #TESOLtake5 posts!

    Take care, Natalie


    Natalie Bertsch
    TESOL International Association
    United States

  • 2.  RE: Take 5 with TESOL!

    Posted 26 days ago

    Well, now you're talking my language! This is the first Furst (haha!) book of historical espionage in a series of 15, covering the time period from 1933 until 1945. I've read three; only 12 to go!

    Laura J. Peskin
    Independent Educational Writer
    New York, USA

  • 3.  RE: Take 5 with TESOL!

    Posted 25 days ago

    Take 5 with TESOL!
    One of my favorite books is Ikigai, the Japanese Secret to a long and happy life!
    How did I get to know about it? One day, I was having a chat with my brother, Amin; I told him I was so excited about the 2020 TESOL Convention and that I was so happy that it was online so I could attend!
    He knows how crazy I am about conferences and professional development, and he said: " Hind, that is because you have found your "Ikigai."
    I said Iki what?! 😂
    He told me about the Ikigai concept, which means a reason for living, finding one's direction and purpose in life! That's so true! I love professional development, conferences, traveling to new countries, spoiling myself in conference hotels after the event, preparing my talk! It's the whole experience! I love it and can't wait for my next face to face Conference!! 💕

    Thanks for this activity Natalie! 

    Hind Elyas, English Instructor at Niagara College,Saudi Arabia, Incoming Chair-PDPC