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Vocabulary Activities

  • 1.  Vocabulary Activities

    Posted 12-04-2018 00:01
    Hi fellow TESOLers!
    I'm an EFL teacher  in Dominican Republic. My program coordinator recently shared the concern that he's seen many teachers spending too much time on explaining and pre-teaching vocabulary (The famous "How can I say?" Or "What's the meaning of...?") Therefore, he designed a workshop and asked me to share some ideas that help teachers address the vocabulary issue but at the same time moving the focus of the teacher as a dictionary, so to speak, ways to work with vocabulary by not explicitly teaching it. The idea here is also to foster  learner's independence.

    I would like you to contribute on this thread with any ideas you may have to help us with vocabulary and learner's independence.

    Lic. Alexander Lopez Diaz,
    English Teacher
    English Immersion Program
    Dominican Republic.

  • 2.  RE: Vocabulary Activities

    Posted 17-04-2018 12:48
    Hi Alexander -

    If your students have access to the Internet, I've been using Quizlet (digital flashcards) to teach vocabulary. Some lessons are English-Spanish but most are using the new English term in context or matching it to a definition/picture. Here are some examples:
    Stand Out 2: Unit 7 - Lesson 4 (Job Interviews)
    Stand Out 2: Unit 7 - Lesson 2 (What can you do?)
    Stand Out 2: Unit 3 - Lesson 3 (At the Supermarket)

    Ideally, I'd like them to practice Quizlet 15 minutes before each class so I can spend more time in class on speaking and writing, rather than learning vocabulary, but we haven't evolved that far yet -- so after the initial learning as a class how to use the website/app, I've been having them work for 15 minutes in class either individually or with a partner while other students are still arriving. Another favorite website of mine is MES-Games, but it does require Flash Player.

    Jacqueline Vulcano
    ESL Instructor
    Central Wyoming College

  • 3.  RE: Vocabulary Activities

    Posted 07-06-2018 07:29
    Is the primary language in the D.R. primarily Spanish?
    You might want to research cognates (if Spanish and or a similar romantic language)...I give my Hispanic students a list of cognates so that they (1) can see the patterns of similar words that they can see that they already know a LOT more than they think they do and (2) by seeing the patterns they can figure out the meanings of some other words.  Tell them not all words that have cognates have the same meanings though -- like the English word for "pregnant", the Spanish cognate is called a false cognate as a result.  ;)

    I'm attaching some that I have been building up in padlet through ongoing research...

    Kathryn Davis
    Advocacy Chair
    Texas, USA