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How did you choose to be a teacher?

  • 1.  How did you choose to be a teacher?

    Posted 12 days ago
    I remember playing with my toys and teaching them in my childhood. Maybe this was the beginning of the way to find my future job.)))
    Then at school there were some teachers who were really good examples to follow and learn from: patient, ready to help, kind but fair.
    After school at university I was more selective to qualities tachers should have. University was the place where I faced some situations that helped me to realize what qualities teachers should have (demanding but not strict) and what teachers should not do (It is not fair when a teacher asks for topics that were not taught in classes before exams.). Having bad experience also teaches a lot, but I discovered one of disadvantages in my personality: being too emotional when I was young led me to misunderstanding and self-criticism. And during my work experience I started realizing how to overcome difficulties, develop myself and learn from people around me (my students, colleagues, professional educators, trainers, teachers from other workplaces, ... even unexperienced teachers with new opposite to mine principles taught me a lot.

    Not all of them know how they help me everyday but I hope they understand that they are part of my work and that I appreciate a lot that they are there to help me to understand a lot about them and myself as well.

    Who were people who inspire you to teach others?
    Are you still in touch with them?
    Do they know how they helped you in your professional growth?

    Leila Serikova
    International University in Central Asia (IUCA), Tokmok