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Global Education PLN Engagement & Planning Follow Up

  • 1.  Global Education PLN Engagement & Planning Follow Up

    Posted 02-06-2021 10:25 AM


    Originally, Global Education Professional Learning Network (GEPLN) was posted here to invite participation in the PLN.
    This email is to follow up and to ask for your help!

    Results for the first question are in, and we found that the top 3 interest areas of GEPLN respondents were: 1. Inclusion, 2. Assessment, 3. Equity.
    We want to move forward and are looking for people keen on helping in one or more of the following ways:

    1. Discussion Threads -
    Here are a few questions we could begin with. We find it best to define these constructs first, then move into theoretical and practical applications in the classroom and organizations. Would someone like to lead a discussion thread in one of these areas?
    1. What is inclusion in Global Education, and how might that be practiced.
    2. What is equity in Global Education, and how might educators and organizations practice "equity" in education.
    3. What are the domains of Global Education, how are these assessed, how do we ensure reliability and validity in assessing those domains?

    2. Library -
    Do you have a favorite article you would like to share on inclusion, assessment, or equity in the context of global education?
    GEPLN has a document library with subfolders for inclusion, assessment, or equity folders. If you have written an article, have an exceptional article, or resource you would like to share, please send it in to help develop this resource for everyone. Please be aware of copyright restrictions when sharing.

    3. Panels/Webinars -
    Who are some experts you would really like to hear speak on inclusion, assessment, and equality in the context of Global Education?
    Please nominate a few people who can provide insight, lead discussions, and offer examples of innovation in a global context.

    4. Other Ideas, Ways, and Means
    If you have other suggestions to develop an understanding of these three concepts, please share. We would love to hear from you.
    If you want to set on to the leadership committee and take on an initiative to develop one of these topics, please let us know. We need you!

    Lastly, we think we have fixed the technical issue for submitting responses for the second question: "challenges you face."
    We have created a new link for the second question above and apologize for the technical issues we are experiencing.

    Please share wildly and join the Global Education Professional Learning Network and TESOL to be a community leader!

    Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Alex Monceaux, Ed.D.
    Assistant Professor, Westcliff University
    Beaumont, TX United States