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  • 1.  Happy Holidays +

    Posted 25-12-2021 10:46 AM
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    Merry Christmas

    and Happy New Year, colleagues ~


        Wishing you happy holidays, I would like to share some texts to read and discuss with students: the fragments attached, from L. Ingalls Wilder's Long Winter, are Christmas-related, and can be used with your ~Pre-Intermediate+ students, young learners as well as adults, including those with special needs: you could always adapt such texts, depending on your teaching settings.    

        I believe the story works in a classroom not only in terms of language learning. In times of angst and hardship such reading does help us see the values of mutual support and resilience throughout ages.

       So let us hope such texts will always work, and enjoy the reading.


        Happy holidays and Happy New Year!


        Best wishes,

        Lala Sadykhova, PhD

        Moscow, Russia

    Lala Sadykhova
    Russian Federation


    From The Long Winter.pdf   128 KB 1 version