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Reminder! Webinar: Crossing Over: Navigating the Transition into Leadership

  • 1.  Reminder! Webinar: Crossing Over: Navigating the Transition into Leadership

    Posted 28-09-2021 09:21 AM
    Hi all!

    Apologies for cross-posting!

    This is just a quick reminder that the webinar, Crossing Over: Navigating the Transition into Leadership, presented by Dr. Suzanne Panferov Reese and hosted by TEIS (the Teacher Education Interest Section) will be held September 29, 2021 from 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM (ET)!

    Dr. Reese will discuss the experience transitioning into administration and offer insights, experience, and recommendations for anyone curious to learn more or who might be thinking about doing the same! For more information, see the description and presenter bio below.

    You may register in advance for this meeting HERE


    After teaching ESL for years at the university and community college level, an opportunity opened to transition into a language program administration role. Transitioning from faculty to administration is a complicated endeavor and requires careful consideration. Now, after having worked as a Language Program Director for over a decade, as well as the lead administrator over the university international office, and now as a chair of an academic doctoral program, I have recommendations to share in this webinar with faculty looking to transition into administration, particularly with those looking ahead at the challenging job market, considering a slight career change, or just wanting to understand a bit more about what it takes to lead a language program.


    Dr. Suzanne Panferov Reese is the Chair of the Ph.D. program, Second Language Acquisition, and Teaching, and teaches in Public and Applied Humanities at the University of Arizona. Previously, she served as Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives and directed the Center for English as a Second Language. She teaches courses in language program administration and presents professionalism and leadership. Additionally, Panferov Reese has served as the President of TESOL International and UCIEP.


    All members of TESOL International Association are welcome to attend TEIS webinars. We welcome engagement with any member of TESOL at any time.

    Amber Warren, PhD